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Our goal is to promote current information about the components of a healthy lifestyle. We show the value of a plant-based diet within the context of other healthy lifestyle choices. Please note we are not providing treatment for any illness or prescribing any therapeutic diet or herbal remedy.

Please use the menu above to access articles, resources and news on vegetarian nutrition presented in a scientifically sound and user-friendly format. Included are suggestions regarding how to become a vegetarian, adequacy of plant-based diets, as well as reviews of the latest findings documenting the advantages of vegetarian diets.

About Us


Dr. Winston Craig, PhD, MPH, RD.

The author of most articles posted on this web site is Winston J Craig, PhD, MPH, RD, who until recently has been a Professor and Chair of Department of Nutrition and Wellness at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan, USA.

Dr. Craig holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia (his doctoral thesis was in the field of terpenoid chemistry; a Master of Public Health, from Loma Linda University, California; and has been a Registered Dietitian since 1983.

Dr. Craig has taught Nutrition and Health at the University level for the past 35 years. He has authored 6 books on nutrition and written 2 dozen peer reviewed articles for scholarly journals, along with almost 300 articles for magazines for health professionals. His major interests include the role of plant-based diets in preventing chronic diseases, and the health-promoting properties of herbs and spices.

His hobbies include wildlife and wildflower photography, travel, hiking, birding and backpacking.

The technical part of this site is maintained by Gily Ionescu, who is a former student of Dr Craig and holds a Master of Science in Human Nutrition degree from Andrews University. Under Dr Craig’s guidance, Gily launched vegetarian-nutrition.info in 2003 and has been responsible for it’s maintenance since then. Gily has a health prevention and weight loss site of his own.

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